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Synchro Circle 13-14

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The Teams Elite program is beginning its 17th season at the Northbrook Sports Center. Synchronized skating combines the grace of ballet, the elegance of ice dancing, and the thrill of split-second maneuvers. Each team skates as one unit, executing difficult patterns with speed and precision. Our goal for the Teams Elite program is to challenge the strength and skills of each skater by offering a variety of well-rounded opportunities that meet the competitive needs of the residents and synchronized skating community. Staying focused on our goal has led to dramatic program growth, attracted exceptional coaches, created friends for life, and produced accomplished synchronized skaters. .

Over the years, the Teams Elite family has grown in size, strengthening our bond and our love for the sport of synchronized skating. This season, we ask you to take time with your family to think about our slogan: Teams Elite: More than a team…family. A family’s strongest attribute is loyalty – through good times and bad, through success and defeat. Family members can recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses while constructively working together to create a cohesive unit, ready to undertake all challenges. While members do not always agree, if they trust that all are working toward the same goal, the family will thrive. Please keep this in mind as the season progresses and our Teams Elite family faces and overcomes challenges and celebrates our success. Remember to have confidence in the Teams Elite administration and coaching staff and the decisions they make. We are stronger together as a family..